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The Giving Tree 2021-2022

The Giving Tree

St. Elizabeth Seton School Council has partnered with Catholic Social Services to provide
Christmas gifts for children in need from the Red Deer area through a program called The Giving
Tree. This will be our School communities twelfth year that we are involved in this amazing

How it Works:

Catholic Social Services collects names of families from a variety of community and government
agencies. The families provide the age and gender of their children as well as ideas for gift
items that the children want or need. Catholic Social Services then creates a list using codes to maintain confidentiality.

With the added challenges of Covid again this year, we have worked together to create a plan
that still allows the continuation of this incredibly important cause with keeping families safe
and healthy.

This year, we are asking for gift card donations only and NO presents. 

Catholic Social Services has asked for donations of either $25 or $50. Please stay to these amounts for consistency between schools as well as specific locations cards can be from.

In years past, students have taken a “tag” off the Giving Tree with a gift request, however, this
year we ask you to simply have your student bring the Gift Card donation to their teacher in an
envelope labelled Giving Tree and we will handle the rest!!

Please ensure the gift card has the amount printed on it for equal distribution! Thank you in
advance for all your support.

Ideas for Gift Cards:

Walmart OR Bower Mall

****please purchase cards from only these locations****

Please have ALL Gift Cards returned to school no later than Monday December 6th.

The Giving Tree committee will coordinate the presentation of all of the gift cards to Catholic
Social Services. They in turn, deliver the gifts to the individual families.

Thank you for your support! If you have any questions please contact Courtney Kelahear by email at

St. Elizabeth Seton School Council Giving Tree Committee

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