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Shrove Tuesday - Feb. 25

Shrove Tuesday

As our school community looks forward to Shrove Tuesday on February 25, School Council is requesting the support of 15 volunteers to help with the set up (mixing pancake batter), delivery of pancakes to each classroom and clean up to over 400 students. 

We require support throughout the morning beginning at 8:15 am until after the lunch hour. 2 – 4 hour shifts are available. Our goal is to ensure that students can come together to understand the meaning of the day and enjoy pancakes in their classroom setting. As students could be eating pancakes at any time throughout the morning, please ensure that you have packed a snack and lunch for your child.

If you can volunteer your time for any part of the day, please contact the office at 403-343-6017 or email

Thank you once again to Goodman Roofing for their continued support of donating the grill each year.

To further your understanding regarding the meaning of Shrove Tuesday, please follow this link:  



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