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Lent Projects

Look what our school has been up to during the Lenten Season:

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Teams:: "grew seeds of kindness" for our Lenten project.  Our families donated supplies for the project.  The students explored how flowers grow from seeds and looked at what they needed to flourish.  The students planted the seeds themselves and provided them with love, water and sunshine.  While our plants were growing we focused on growing our bulletin board flowers by adding petals to show our kindness to others.  We loved seeing how being a blessing to others made beautiful flowers in many ways.  At the end of Lent we were able to share our acts of kindness out by giving away some of the flowers we grew to others.  This showed us how giving makes others happy.  

Grade one Team: :focused on feeding the hungry during the lenten season. All classes participated in baking muffins for another school in the division for their breakfast program. We discussed the difference between charity and social justice with the students. The classes discussed the story "Jesus Feeds the 5000" and did many activities to understand the story.

Grade 2 team: Give Drink to the Thirsty: The grade two classes “filled a well” with bottled water to donate to the food bank. They also donated money by counting the taps and glasses that provide them with clean water everyday. They raised a total of $200.00! This money was used to buy 20 Jiko stoves through Chalice. These stoves are a safe tool for cooking, heating and sanitizing water.

Grade 3 Team: The Corporal Works of Mercy are found in the teachings of Jesus and give us a model for how we should treat all others, as if they were Christ in disguise.  They "are charitable actions by which we help our neighbors in their bodily needs" This year for the Grade 3 Lenten Doors of Mercy Project “Shelter the Homeless” we collected items for the Central Alberta Ronald McDonald House. To help families feel at home during their stay, the Ronald McDonald house relies on donations of items from their House Wish List. These items often include baking supplies, toiletries, recreation and craft materials, and pick-me-up gifts for many families.

Grade 4 Team: collected baby to age 2 gently used and new clothing for the 6 weeks of Lent. We contacted the Pregnancy Care Centre in Red Deer and asked if they would like our donations. They came last Thursday and spoke to our Grade 4 classes and were amazed at the tables and tables full of collected clothing. It took 2 trips to get all the clothing to their location.

Grade 5 Team: Lenten Project theme was Comforting the Sick.. Students recognize that Mother Teresa, who has recently been canonized as a saint, is the perfect example of how Christ would like each and everyone one of us to act. Mother Teresa displayed hope for the people of Calcutta by her welcoming, friendly and caring nature. Throughout the entire school year, have been called to this action by volunteering our time with the residents of the Michener Extendicare Center. The students are building meaningful relationships with the residents. By means of dialogue, crafts and games, the interaction between the students and the residents is gentle, patient, and caring. The residents and the students are learning so much about each other and they both look forward to these monthly encounters.


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